Reiki Treatments

What to expect during a Reiki treatment

A Reiki treatment is carried out with you, the client, either lying down on a Reiki table (similar to a massage table) or sitting in a chair in the peaceful environment of a treatment room. You remain fully clothed, we just ask that shoes and belts are removed for your comfort.

Reiki treatments are given by the practitioner placing their hands lightly on your body, allowing a free flow of Reiki energy to connect to you. It is not directed by the mind, nor does it use the life force energy of your practitioner. Your Reiki practitioner simply acts as a channel (imagine a straw) that connects you to the universal life force energy source.

Reiki flows life force energy into the parts of the body, mind and energy system that may be blocked or depleted. It stimulates the relaxation response so the body’s own self-healing mechanism can activate. Reiki treats the whole person – promoting our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Reiki is gentle and calming to receive. It works well as a complementary therapy and can support all natural and orthodox modalities and medicines. Receiving a treatment can offer beneficial effects including a sense of relaxation, peace and wellbeing.

It is calming and gentle to receive a treatment. You may feel the Reiki energy as an energy flow from the practitioner’s hands, warmth, slight tingling, coolness or nothing at all. During the treatment sometimes people experience slight body movements or their stomach rumbling. It is also common to feel very relaxed, and even sleepy.

Self care after a Reiki treatment

Following a Reiki treatment you are encouraged to listen to your body and give it plenty of rest and care. Some people feel energised and relaxed while others can feel a little tired for a day or so following a treatment.

To support the body’s self healing drink plenty of water, rest, eat with your health in mind, and ideally refrain from excessive alcohol or caffeine for a day or two.

If you have any questions after your treatment please get in touch.

Booking a Reiki treatment

The Reiki Studio is based on the beautiful Whangaparaoa peninsula about 45 minutes from Auckland city.

Appointment times: Evening, morning or limited weekend appointment times available

Fees: 60 minute Reiki treatment: $60 (Please allow 20 minutes in addition to your treatment time for a short discussion before and after the treatment).

Distance healing is also available on request.

Pictures from The Reiki Studio

The Reiki Studio treatment room
A client receiving a Reiki treatment
Take a walk on one of Whangaparaoa’s beautiful beaches after your treatment

What clients say

“I slept so well last night! And I’m feeling much calmer and more energised today.”
– Joanna

“Rachael’s Reiki sessions balance my life.  The opportunity to relax, listen to soothing music and know that there is someone there who is focused only on me is great therapy.  I also value the discussions afterwards.”
– Pauline

“The Reiki sessions were really great, super relaxing and peaceful. Easy to end up having a good old snooze too. Will definitely be having more of these sessions in the future!”
– Dave

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first made an appointment at The Reiki Studio but I loved it! I felt a totally unexpected sense of peace and relaxation which carried on into the days following each session.”
– Angela

“Rachael sent distance Reiki to my family and I in months following the Christchurch earthquakes – the healing provided a much needed boost of tranquility amidst the stress and persistent anxiety of that time.”
– Sonia