Welcome to The Reiki Studio

Reiki is a traditional Japanese treatment which assists with stress reduction and relaxation.

It is a gentle and calming way of supporting your wellbeing and bringing your mind and body back into a state of balance.

Reiki can help with all manner of things including replenishing energy levels, balancing the emotions, and accelerating the body’s own self-healing mechanism. Plus Reiki is a great way of giving yourself a little time out from your busy daily life.

Learning Reiki

Reiki is simple to learn and can be used to improve your own wellbeing, as well as helping family and friends. Once you have learnt Reiki you can call upon its’ restorative effects every day – what a great gift to give yourself!

Please see Learn Reiki for more information. Anyone can learn this technique and all are welcome.

Reiki treatments

A standard 60 minute Reiki treatment is carried out with the client either lying down on a Reiki table or sitting in a chair in the peaceful and relaxed environment of a treatment room. Distance healing is also available by request. Please see Reiki treatments to learn more.

Where we are

The Reiki Studio is located in Gulf Harbour on the lovely Whangaparaoa peninsula just out of Auckland.

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